First day of travel! 

Our journey to Bali began today! We spent months preparing for the day that seemed years away however we were ready! Our goodbyes were bitter sweet, family’s hugged, cried and gave words of encouragement. Behind we left parents filled with worry, but rest assured we made it to the hotel. We experienced the traffic filled thrill of the LA roads and are now preparing for bed! Our first day of travel was a mixture of emotions however the company we keep has helped put us at ease. Thank you to our parents for pushing and supporting us, sleep easy knowing that we are safe and happy. We love and appreciate you all! 

-Anna Martinez 

11 Comments on “First day of travel! 

  1. Love you Audrey !!! Happy birthday hope you have a blessed day !!!

  2. Woohoo, its so crazy i feel like i did when my daughter went. Im so emotional thinking back to how i felt, and how all the parents of this class feel right now. I followed the planes online to each destination. I knew when they landed and when they took off. Very stressful but oh how exciting it was…. Audrey Have a wonderful day in the sky. Have fun…… again to Galen and Zenia thank you for what you do….. ❤❤❤

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