Arrived in Singapore

After a quick stop in Tokyo, many movies, and a lot of great food, we are in Singapore!


7 Comments on “Arrived in Singapore

  1. Jordan hope ur feeling ok. Ur face shows me other wise. I know u must be jet lagged.. just checking,being a mom. I love you..

    • Hi mom I am very happy just a very very long flight with little sleep. Singapore is a very beautiful place.
      -Jordan Quintana

      • Yay… I’ll try to relax a little bit now. So happy for you..all of you..

    • Hi there…. i know how you feel. My daughter went in 2012. This is such an amazing trip…. congrats to ur family….

  2. You’re almost there. One more flight, hang in there. You all look awesome.

  3. Thnx for the update. Have a great time in a beautiful country

  4. Me da mucho gusto saber que andas conociendo nuevas culturas,tierras pero sobre todo nuevas personas. Un abrazo mija y disfruta mucho.
    Un beso.

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