First Day in Bali !

Hi Moms and Dads 

Today we left the airport in Singapore at 8:20 am to head off onto our new adventure to Bali. We touched down in Bali at 12:45,  and from there went into an amazing airport where many of us were taking in the beauty of the architecture and the cultural excitement of Bali. Then we met our drivers who took us on an amazing drive through Bali where we got to see how beautifully this country is decorated. While seeing the city, we also got to see a ceremony taking place as they walked through the streets with many people dressed in their best. We got to our hotel and saw our rooms, which are more like little houses. When we got settled in, many of us went out to the pool to have some fun and relax. After that, we went to dinner at a restaurant called TutMak that had wonderful food. We took a walk around Ubud and returned back to the hotel and met up with an old friend of the Bali Art Project, Nonick, who had wonderful sweets for us to taste. Today was an exciting first day in Bali! (but we’re tired) We will talk to you next time moms and dads.

Best wishes 


11 Comments on “First Day in Bali !

  1. Very glad everyone got there safe! Have lots of fun!

  2. Glad to hear youve arrived. We r headed to vegas today vote basketball. Missin you Audrey, but weknowyou are where you belong. ❤💋😎

  3. So glad you all made it and your settling in !!! Love and miss you Audrey have fun!!!

  4. So happy you all made it safely. Thnx for the updates. Have fun!

  5. You made it, good job! All you need now is a good nights rest. You all look great, Have fun and enjoy. I love you my princess!

  6. Gracias a Dios mi niño llegaron bien que me alegra verte sonriendo te cuidas y te Queremos mucho tu hermana Leyda

  7. I’m so happy you made it safe. I love you Audrey. Have fun

  8. That meal looks delicious! Gabe, I’m sorry it’s not sushi, though! We’re thinking of you.

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