Hello everyone, 

Today we did our usual morning run, fueled on by the thought of the delicious breakfast ahead. The sunlight streamed through the leaves of the palm trees, its warm light slightly yellow. Carving our way through the rice paddies, and then onto the city streets further deepened our apprciation for Bali. It’s rich, vibrant colors and its cacophony of new sounds, intrigues the imagination and creates a desire for the exploration of the land. Our first class of the day was Gamelon, and keeping with the theme of exploration, some of us tried new instruments. Gamelon is a difficult form of music as so much is going on at once, but despite this it is deeply rewarding. As we left, Gaylon explained that the music originated from the sounds of Bali’s nightlife and the intricate rhythms and melodies that the various animals make. After our lunch we went to either painting or shadow puppet making, doing the one we did not do yesterday. I went to the painting class. We learned about the history of painting in Bali and were shown examples of the style we are going to paint in- Ubud Traditional. The painting class was deeply meditative and throughly calming. 

Every day is filled with new explorations and new experiences and the only word I can use to describe this experience is Bagus (the Indonesian word for great). 

Much love 

– Liam Kuziel 

P.s check out the photo gallery (see the menu) where there are more photos.

3 Comments on “Bagus! 

  1. Looks so fun. Glad everyone is happy and well….. enjoy every moment you’ll be home soon…. ❤

  2. Looks amazing.. Enjoy yourselves, home will be right where you left it.
    I Miss you son!(Jordan)

  3. You’re such a wonderful writer Liam!! I love you and I love being able to see all the new experiences you are having. ❤

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