Adventure time!

Our morning started with the roosters and during the walk we saw our first glimpse of Batukaru, a distant volcano, as it was outlined by the orange rays of sunlight. After our walk we rushed to hang up our freshly hand-washed laundry in the sun in the hopes of getting it dry before a rain.  We enjoyed our usual breakfast of hot tea, fresh juice, banana pancakes and eggs of our choice.  We got in the van and road for 45 minutes to Klungkung’s market. We had our first opportunity to bargain for our sarongs and sashes. Liam was on the hunt for ‘the one’, the perfect sarong. Others had fun looking at the colors and bargaining.  The prices started at 100,000 but we could bargain them down to 55,000 rupiah.

After success with buying sarongs, we enjoyed a beautiful ride through the mountains to Sideman where we had lunch. Then we headed to Candi Dasa to spend an hour or so on the beach and swimming in the ocean where we saw hermit crabs and a baby sea turtle.  Another ride in the van back to our hotel to clean up and shower for a buffet dinner. The dinner was delicious and satisfied our craving for spicy food.

We had another great day even though the clothes did not dry.

Teya Ruben

3 Comments on “Adventure time!

  1. I think I speak for everyone when I say Gaylon, Zenia, Randy and Paige, THANK YOU!!!! We appreciate all of you so much for what you have done for our children. You have made a once in a life time experience possible for them. You are very much respected and appreciated. All of this would not be possible with out you. Thank you again.

  2. The country looks absolutely beautiful. So glad you are all having a fabulous learning experience!

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