Dancing 101

Waking up in Bali does not feel like waking up halfway across the world, but rather waking up at home. While the feeling of missing family is ever present it does not feel out of place to be here. It feels like we’ve bee here for ages but in an inviting way.  

Instead of Gamelon the boy’s day began with the Rendik a bamboo xylophone like instrument and the girls began the welcoming dance. The boys are training/struggling to perform the warrior dance. Oka, one of the most incredible artists I’ve seen, is teaching the dance. He moves with grace confidence and something that is hard to define and transcends the human being. A second nature comes out through his dance. The dance hurt, keeping your arms up is hard. It’s going to take a lot for me to feel like a warrior with our sad feeble attempt. 

After puppet making and painting I along side Anna did an incredible job creating beautiful peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The day ended with an unimaginable experience. The Kecak/monkey dance was one of the most awe inspiring performances we’ve seen. The dance based on the Ramayana showed what actual good dancing looks like, worthy of any spot in National Geographic. 

Turis Jessen 

ps. Clothes are finally beginning to be dry. 

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