Finding our purpose 

Our daily classes have thaught us an abundance of lessons. We have learned how to play different melodies at the same time and the intricate steps of a welcoming dance-right down to the movement of your fingers. However the most valuable lessons have come through the conversation we share with our teachers. They take us on a journey through their culture and understanding of life. Today the reoccurring lesson revolved around happiness. They talked about the emptiness a life with no happiness offers, they talked about ones purpose. Which is exactly what we are doing at the moment-we are finding our Purpose. We probably won’t find it in a month but we are certainly on the road to self discovery. We are finding ourselves within walks, music and dance.

-Anna Martinez

2 Comments on “Finding our purpose 

  1. Thanks for allowing us see this amazing place thru your pictures and thru your word.
    I’m able to be in this trip with you guys.
    Thanks for taking us with you.

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