Shopping and Celebrations 

Shopping in Bali can be something both fun and overwhelming. There is so much to look at and all the things here are beautiful. Bargaining is another thing that comes into play, you have to be confident and willing to talk in order to get a good price or you could get ripped off.

Today we went shopping in the town of Sukawati about 45 min away from Ubud. Their market there is pretty big and you find yourself stopping at almost every store because there’s cool stuff all over! However, it becomes tough when you find similar things in various shops and you have to determine where you can find the best deal. Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a situation with a seller and you have no way of saying no and leaving so you stand there awkwardly. But that’s just part of learning to be a better bargainer, and in the end it’s an experience you enjoy. We all seemed satisfied with our purchases today. We bought various things, from masks to blankets, to necklaces, and flowy pants as the girls call them.  Everyone also had a funny story to tell from their day of shopping and we shared these stories during our special dinner tonight. 

As the last activity of the day we went to a special restaurant to celebrate Audrey’s 17th birthday and the 10th anniversary of Paige and Randy. I have to say the food was amazing. I ate more than I should have but every bite was worth it. I haven’t been this full in a while. As Gaylon says every day is twice as good as the previous one, and I’m beginning to notice that more and more. Today was special, we all seemed to grow a little closer to each other and to Bali. 

Hope everyone is doing well! 


3 Comments on “Shopping and Celebrations 

  1. Not everyone can say they celebrated their birthday in Bali 😊 Hope you are enjoying yourself Audrey!

  2. So happy you got to celebrate your birthday in Bali !!! Love and miss you Audrey !!!

  3. Looks like y’all are having fun and learning!
    Ana Victoria, I’m so glad to see you in these pictures, enjoy your time in Indonesia, appa kabar? Our Father bless your time there! Hugs from Laura,Victoria and I

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