The Mixer 

Today we started off with our usual breakfast and chit chat. Then we rushed to our rooms to make sure we packed everything we needed for the homestay. At 9 am, we all grabbed our stuff and headed out to greet the bus. All of the kids, Paige, and Randy drove about an hour and a half to Munduk Malang, getting directions on the way, and were greeted by Ary and a group of local high school students from the English Club. We all nervously introduced ourselves and made conversation while we took a beautiful hour walk to the small village of Munduk Pakau. Upon our arrival, Ary’s father served us fresh coconut drinks then split it open for us to eat the flesh. When we finished we walked a small ways to Ary’s mothers house where we were served a very delicious home made dinner. When we were all done eating, we drew small pieces of paper from a bowl to decide which families we would stay with for the remaining three days. Then we met at the community meeting space and did activities with the local students. After saying good bye to the students, we returned back to our home were we took our first ladle shower and settled in. At 6:30 we returned to Ary’s mother’s house with our sarongs for dinner. After dinner, to end our night, we went down the steeet to play the Gamelon where we impressed the local adults with our decently developed skills from the previous classes. 

Today started off a bit nerve-racking because we didn’t know what to expect for the homestay. When we got here everyone was unsure about how they were going to survive the next three days. Now we are ending our first day looking forward to everything the next couple of days could bring. We love and miss you all! 


One Comment on “The Mixer 

  1. Yay you guys are back hope you enjoyed the experience of the home stay

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