Grandmaster of Dance

What happened to the food? The day began with a lecture about traditional medicine and balians (healers). On our trek with the grandmother leading us to forage for various plants, 3 of us had baskets. Suddenly Liam slipped with flailing arms and threw the basket down the hill. All the food but two sad peppers and some ginger were lost. 

After making sambal (Balinese salsa) and eating lunch we regrouped with coconut halves. We scraped the dry coconuts out and made bowls in a traditional manual way. Smoothing them out with a coconut oil finish.

We then met up for a dance performance where Randy showed his inner Oka (our master dance and music teacher). Oka would be both proud and disgraced with us. With a sincere attempt at the warrior’s dance and another beautiful dance by the girls the night ended well and we all went off to our houses. 

P.S. Not sure if the clothes we left in Ubud are dry.

– Turis 

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