Work hard, play hard

Life at the homestay has flooded us with emotion. Our senses are constantly on overload. Today we worked in the rice paddies. However, before doing so we tried to understand the rice farming system, what they do for the people and the environment. It was extremely eye-opening to work even a fraction of the way the Balinese would. We then bathed in the river. 

We were hesitant and definitely challenged. However, we have learned that in order to gain a full experience we must dive into all opportunities, which I think we’ve been doing well. Our day then led us to a village ceremony. It was beautiful to see so many people at ease. The ceremony was delayed yet everyone remained content. They waited happily while talking amongst themselves. The ceremony itself was mesmerizing. All the steps were significant and the Balinese were eager to teach us. It is an amazing opportunity to learn from such willing individuals. Our day ended with Indonesian jacks and Uno with Indonesian students. We learned from them as they learned from us. It is amazing what is accomplished when we go in willingly.

-Anna Martinez 

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