A Ceremony Day

Today we all woke up a little tired, but with a little breakfast we had more energy. Then we walked across town to where the cremation ceremony would take place which was held for a community priest. We waited for the ceremony to start and watched the people assemble and carry offerings. There we heard loud music and saw a tall wooden tiger built to hold the priest’s body during the burn. They also built a big structure that carried the priest’s body to the burning site. Many people were involved in carrying the the big tall structures from the priest’s house to the temple a few blocks away. Many were also family walking with the body. When we got to the cremation site we saw them cut open the big tiger to place the priest’s body inside and perform many rituals to the body before burning it. There was also ceremonial music and dancing. Then they lit the tiger to burn the body.  
We went back to the hotel were we all got to relax and cool down from the hot sun. Tonight we went to a performance at the place where we are all taking our classes for dance and Gamelon. The show was full of life as the performers showed us stories from the Balinese culture. Today was an exciting day full of wonder.

One Comment on “A Ceremony Day

  1. What amazing experiences you are having – your pictures are wonderful – your stories fun to read. I am so happy for all of you. This will be with you for the rest of your lives!!!

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