Today was full of lots of goodbyes and see you agains. We had our final performance- the ladies  did the “welcoming dance” and the guys did the “warrior” dance. We have been practicing these dances for two and a half weeks. It was pretty cool getting ready for the dance all the layers we had to put on and even makeup.  It was very special that we were able to perform in front of all our teachers and the students that visited us at the homestay. The performance soon came to an end and we had to say good bye.  The teachers were just truly tremendous. It is sad to say goodbye but we are walking away with amazing experiences. 

-Jordan Quintana 

Link to Photo Gallery 3
Link to Photo Gallery 4

2 Comments on “Performance 

  1. Thank you Paige, for the beautiful job you’ve done with the blog. The photos are wonderful , and make me smile

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