Last day in Ubud 

Good morning! Today we met the sun as we walked through the rice paddies for the last time here in Ubud. We were greeted by the ducks and farmers as we shared laughs and took pictures. Upon our return, we got ready for the day and had our usual breakfast. After, we all had some time to kill so we went into town to walk around and look at the market.

At 11am we met the bus and went to ARMA, a beautiful museum that is like none we would ever see in the states. We were greeted by Agung Rai who is the founder of the museum and we all sat down for some coffee and tea. When we finished, he took us on a beautiful and very inspirational tour. He gave us very powerful insight on the Balinese culture and their way of thinking as well as some background on the art work. When he was finished we got to explore the resort that surrounds the museum.

For lunch we went to Dians where we said our goodbyes to our driver Kadek who got us safely to our destinations throughout the trip. Once we finished the meal, we had free time to finish up any shopping that we needed to do. Then we met back at the hotel where we walked to dinner.

At dinner we were joined by Nonick, Anom (our puppet making teacher), and their son Abe. While the adults finished up their meal, we went to get ice cream down the street at Circle K. When we got back to the restaurant we said our final goodbyes to Nonick, Anom, and Abe. We are now back at the hotel watching the beautiful rain, lighting, and listening to the thunder, while we finish packing for tomorrows journey to Sideman.

Our time here in Ubud has been amazing. We’ve gotten the opportunity to experience life changing and mind blowing things which we will all hold near and dear to our hearts forever. We are all excited for our next adventure to Sideman. 


(Weather has made it dificult to upload pictures today we will upload photos tomorrow morning)

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