Friendships and Smiles 

Our days at Sideman have been both relaxing and extremely eye opening. We walked down to a weaving factory which is considered to be machine run. However women operate the wooden looms. They continuosly work the foot peddles and push the strings back one by one. Still in this cramped dark room filled with sweat and tired women they offered us their smiles. These women let us observe and let us learn. The way the Balinese open up to us leaves us in awe. 

Next we met curious students who left their hearts completely open to us. The language barrier was nothing compared to the eager friendships which awaited us. Through some games of volleyball and soccer we learned about each other. The Balinese are eager to learn which pushed us to ask the silliest questions and receive the most eye opening answers. These are the friendships that we will cherish forever because of all that they have taught us.

-Anna Martinez 

Link to Photo Gallery 3
Link to Photo Gallery 4

One Comment on “Friendships and Smiles 

  1. I am so happy for all of you to have had this journey! Thank you for doing such a great job sharing it with all of us!!!

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