Waking up to the view of Mount Agung was so amazing. We got to look at the view for about half an hour until the beautiful mountain was covered with clouds and was sadly gone. After having our delicious breakfast we went on a 6.7 mile walk all the way up to a temple!!! It was ever exhausting but all of the views looking down on all of the rice paddies made all the pain and tiredness in our legs go away. 

Next we met up with the second group of students and really bonded while making music with the gamelan, making different types of offerings, and dancing. It is amazing how easy it is to connect with the students, we feel like we have known them forever but it has only been 2 days. Although our afternoon with them came to an end we got to see a ceremony for a new restaurant and had a delicious dinner. 

-Audrey Gonzales (MDB) 

3 Comments on “Connections 

  1. My wife and I went to Bali with Gaylon and Zenia and 8 students just like all of you several years ago, and this year we have read your on-going blog almost daily. It has been wonderful not just to see how you have each (and all) had such a wonderful and meaningful time, but also to rekindle our own similar memories of our time there. We wish you all the best as you return to Santa Fe and make you way on with your studies and then, what: life! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, enthusiasms and moments with us. Best of luck to you all!

  2. Awesome 🎤👇🏿💥. Love you and miss you audrey.

  3. So happy you are making such great memories. Love and miss you Audrey !!!

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