Time Flies! 

It’s crazy how much it rains here in Bali. Today I woke up to get everyone’s day started and it was pouring. I had to put on my poncho but it wasn’t that helpful. I was running around crazy trying to wake everyone up and because of it I ended up getting some complaints. So that’s how I started my day I guess… but anyway it’s also crazy how fast time flies!

We only have two more days here in Bali and they’re going by quickly. Especially here at the beach it feels like we swim for a while and the day is over. Today we woke up, ate breakfast as usual and hit the waves. We were fortunate enough to learn how to body surf from Randy and by the time we knew it we were being tumbled and turned by the waves. While we were swimming it started to rain which added a cool vibe to the the whole situation. I’m not sure how to explain it exactly, but it was an amazing moment!

Soon it was lunch time, and afterwards we went swimming again. This time with the tides low we were able to snorkel, fly kites, and ride a small boat Gaylon found for us. 

To end it all we went on a small walk up a hill that gave us a nice view of Candi Dasa. Looking out into the sea reminded me of how beautiful this place is and made me realize that it’s going to be difficult to say goodbye. We’re going to leave soon so these last few days will certainly be cherished! We’ve all fallen in love with Bali and as we approach the end of our trip we see that it’s become a permanent part of us. 

Best wishes,
– Gabe 

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