2018 Bali Art Project: Welcome to our Blog!


I am Cesar Arroyo, a 16 year old boy who attends Capital High School in Santa Fe. I have been given the opportunity to go to Bali this summer! I know that through this trip I will go through multiple experiences that will change my life. I will grow as a person and change my point of view of life. I will admire the things I haven’t. I will enjoy life as it is.

My name is Deanza Booker and I am a junior at Capital High School. Where I was born and where I grew up my culture has been the same and has become a part of me. At capital I play many sports and am very involved in my school community. When I tell my friends and my distant family members about my amazing opportunity they always say ”Oh what a nice vacation”. Yes I am leaving for a long time but the Bali Art Project is not a vacation. It is a life changing experience and a way to find my inner self.

I am Jean Frauenglass a 16 year old who goes to Monte del Sol and have dreamed about traveling all my life. I am overwhelmingly excited to go on this trip a experience a new culture and learn how to navigate life in a different country. By supporting this trip you support building the next generation of travellers and worldly people.

I am Marie Blackwell. I go to school at ATC and am one of the eight chosen to go to Bali this summer. I have wanted to go to Bali with this program since I was a little girl and I am so excited that that dream has become a reality. Thankful doesn’t begin to describe my feelings about being chosen. Without your continued support for the program, this trip wouldn’t be nearly the same life-changing experience as it is now.

My name is Toni Torivio and I am a young teenager from Laguna Pueblo. I am very happy to say that I have the opportunity to go to Bali. For me this will be a life changing experience. It gives me the exciting chance to discover a whole new culture while embracing my own culture upon my return.

Hello, my name is Tonesha Coriz. I am seventeen years old, I am from Santo Domingo Pueblo, and I go to a high school called Explore Academy. I have been looking forward to the Bali Art Project since I was ten! I would find myself daydreaming about Bali, hoping one day I’d live that daydream. And here I am, ready to accept the knowledge and experiences, that I will gain through this trip to expand my mind.

My name is Aidan Roberts, and I’m junior at Monte del Sol charter school. The idea that I’d go abroad, and expand my view of the world seemed impossible. But now, I’m lucky enough to be to with the program, to have the amazing opportunity to immerse myself in a radically different culture, to improve upon myself and light a spark in my mind. This trip means everything to me.

My name is Erik Soto. I am a 16 year old from Santa Fe High School. All my life I have grown up in a mix of Mexican and American culture. Besides that I have never experienced any other culture or travelled outside of this country. Now I feel like I am finally ready to expand my horizons and immerse myself into the Balinese culture. I am blessed with this opportunity. I hope this kicks off a long life of travel and learning.



One Comment on “2018 Bali Art Project: Welcome to our Blog!

  1. Your adventure is just beginning. While I was sad to see you leave home, I was so happy for the enthusiasm and excitement you will experience. Safe travels!! Love you all!!

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