Elated Exhaustion

I’m writing this in the eaaaarly hours of our third day of travel. We’re almost there. A quick recap of the past day: we crossed a ludicrous amount of distance in a little over 17 hours. I must say, Singapore Airlines is probably the highest quality of flight I’ve been on. As you might expect, were all pretty wiped out. However, for me, exhaustion is kept at bay by excitement, nerves, and a steady supply of airline coffee.

The stay over at the airport was not that bad. As things go, several attractions were available to explore, such as visiting the butterfly emporium, home to various lovely species. The four young men of this group decided to investigate the aforesaid gardens, during the wee hours of the night. To top off the excursion to the butterfly garden, the group of virulent men (plus Kineret), emboldened by their encounter with wild butterflies, proceeded to calm their nerves with (free) foot massages.

We arrive in Bali later today, something I’m scared of AND excited for. Wish us luck! Love from the Bali group.



5 Comments on “Elated Exhaustion

  1. Almost there!! Just one more hop, skip and jump! I’m so excited for all of you. Keep in touch:)

  2. Great pix! Thanks for the update Aidan. Love your reasoning for the foot massages😂. Very cool!

  3. Love this blog, before we just waited and waited for an email day after day…ALMOST THERE!!!

  4. Thanks so much for posting these updates. I love seeing the pictures and hearing from you all. Keep it comin’

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