Japan Already!?

Since we are in Japan, we are a day ahead of you boring folks in the U.S. Monday morning we had to wake up all early and eat some breakfast and be at LAX by 7am. We then got searched like crazy and boarded the plane at 10am. The plane was huge and nothing like we were use to in ABQ. Although we weren’t first class, we had amazing choices of movies, games and music that were connected to the back of the seats. During the long 11 hour flight we as a group were able to stay close together and able to sit with new people from the group as well. During that 11 hours I was able to watch about 4 movies and try to play a car racing game, but it was too difficult for my tired brain.

Now, on Tuesday May 29 it is about 2pm and we have landed in Tokyo and are waiting in a comfy, humid yet quiet lobby area with large tables, comfy sofas and an interesting vending machine. I am quite surprised on how quiet and empty it is here. The security here was also very calm and not so scary. At our airport in ABQ we have huge and scary monkey people as security and here in Tokyo they have delicate and kind of old ladies as their security, it was a nice feeling being able to breathe and not have a chemical swab of your hands like I did in Los Angeles.

Even though we haven’t gotten to Bali yet, I am having an amazing time and am so excited to see more.  We are about to board the plane again to go to Singapore, which is 6 hours. So it will be a piece of cake compared to what we just did flying to Tokyo.

                                                             -Deanza Booker (Dee)DSC_0023

4 Comments on “Japan Already!?

  1. It’s reassuring to know you arrived at Tokyo safe. After that long flight, seeing little security ladies, i’m sure, was a bit comforting. I think seeing huge monkey dudes would have been a bit intimidating, especially after arriving at another country. I’m amazed everyone still looks energized and enthusiastic just like they did in ABQ. When will they run out of energy?? Oh, what it’s like to be young……… I’m so excited for everyone as you travel throughout different countries. Take care.

    • I love the flight app! I checked in periodically. A hop, skip and a jump away from Bali!

  2. Hi Cesar hope you’re are having a great time in Indonesia Bali. . Enjoy it it will be the most incredible thing of your life. Remember to look for human geography the interface of humans and their landscape. Ms Tilp

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