Photos added!

Photos now added to Jean’s post. Due to slow internet connection at night, we may post blog entries at night (so you have them fresh and ready when you wake up) and then add photos to the blog and gallery the next morning. So be sure to check back!

Also check out our Photo Gallery 2018 page (Photo gallery 1). I’ve just added a few photos there. Depending on internet connection, we’ll try to load extra photos there every day or every other day, so you can stay connected while you’re out of touch.

So great to get all your comments. The whole crew loves reading them!

Also, as much as possible, please encourage your child not to call, text or email home for at least a 2-3 days at a time. Help them have the chance to be present in Bali and to take every new opportunity to meet people and try experiences, without the familiarity and comfort of checking in with “home” each night or morning. You can really help them do that.

Salamat Pagi!





4 Comments on “Photos added!

  1. Thanks Kineret! We so appreciate your up-dates and feedback. I even looked up Salamat Pagi! Good morning to you too 🙂

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