A day of learning.

Halo, from Bali. Today was full of much learning, like everyday here in Bali.

This morning D, Jean, Aidan (aka Omelette), and I went on our morning walk that included taking a new path. On the walk, we dove in more towards town. We saw more new people, which is my personal favorite thing about Bali, the people. It is almost impossible to not walk by and smile at everyone you see because the Balinese all have this amazing-magical aura that makes you feel good inside. Now, that it has been a couple of days since we have been here, we are now starting to see how the Balinese operate. On our walk, for example, you see that most are starting to begin their days at seven, or seven-thirty. Opening shops, restaurants, or just simply sweeping. You see a lot of that everywhere, they are always sweeping for some reason, but it’s nice because their brooms remind me of home.

After the walk we had our breakfast at the hotel, which is always so good. Finally getting to eat the banana pancakes that my sister and brother always spoke of is nice. They really are, delicious.

When breakfast was over, we walked a now familiar path to get to our bus and headed over to our first class of the day, Gamelan. The beginning and throughout the class the sound was deafening, and I don’t mean because we were awful. Just the sound of the music, when you play is loud, but nice. I feel, for the whole group, that each part came with its own challenges. All together though, we are getting through it. With a little more practice I know, we will get better.

Now, that Gamelan is over we move on to our next two classes, which was either painting or shadow puppet making. The classes were split into groups of four. Unfortunately, I can only speak about shadow puppet making today. In my group, it was Cesar, Marie, Jean, and I. In the beginning, the process was very tedious for all of us, but we went through it because we are not the teachers in this class. Each of us got to choose a sample of what we wanted to do that you soon will see. After tracing the pattern, we moved onto carving it out, and since it is made out of cow hide it wasn’t too bad. During the class we had many nice, funny, enjoyable conversations with our teacher. I realised from these conversations that my culture was connected to the Balinese culture in some ways, which brought comfort to home in a way. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part – we got to FINALLY pet some dogs Jelly, Monkey, and Puppy.

After the long day we returned to the hotel and winded down. Some swam, read, slept, and most did laundry. Doing laundry by hand, it was interesting to think about the way others, around the world do laundry. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable experience (for me).

After some time off, we went to dinner and ate amazing Nasi Goreng or Mie Goreng at one of our newfound favorite restaurants: Savannah Moon. Back at the hotel before bed most of us played card games or chess. Well, that’s all for tonight so, good night from Bali and good morning to all of you in New Mexico.


We survived our first Gamelon lesson. Here we are, with our teachers.


First day of Shadow Puppet class with Anom (6/2)

3 Comments on “A day of learning.

  1. Wow, sounds great! Awesome picture! Learn lots this we always stay with you!!! Love & Miss You All, Take Care and Enjoy Every Minute!!!

  2. What a wonderful day! I’m glad to hear that you were able to persevere through the challenge! On a side note, I am now very curious how Aidan’s nickname got changed from “Linguini” to “Omelette”! Another story to tell, I’m sure….take care and keep on, keeping on! Hugs to all!

  3. All,

    I love seeing the pics and reading your blog. We are very excited that you have this tremendous opportunity.

    When I was in college, I played in a Gamelan Ensemble. It was only the second one in the US. I’d like to hear more about the Gamelon lessons, maybe even check out a video!

    We are all thinking of you here in NM. Enjoy!!

    Mr. Van Buren
    (SFIS music teacher)

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