Monkeys and Museums

Halo family and friends! I’ve got to say, today was the most interesting and terrifying day (for me, at least). You’re probably wondering why, but before I get to that, I have to talk about the morning walk first. Beautiful as usual, but it seems like every walk is different from the morning before. New things were seen, more people were met, and new routes were discovered. It’s always something to look forward to every morning because you are bound to discover new things in such a green and peaceful place.

Eventually everyone was back at the hotel for another amazing breakfast that consisted of mouth-watering banana pancakes, sweet fruit drinks, heavenly tea and of course, the most amazing kopi (coffee) ever tasted.

Before we knew it, we were all headed to the Agung Rai Museum of Art. Let me tell you, it was definitely something I did not expect. As a group, we began our adventure by watching young Balinese children dance the Welcoming dance and the Warrior dance. Even though they were very young, they were professionals! Then, we all went our separate ways to walk and discover things for ourselves. Jean, Aidan, Tonesha, and I went to the traditional art collection. It was very interesting because every piece of art had its own story: the seven maidens, the temple and cremation ceremonies, and more! I even found some stories that were very similar to my culture’s oral stories. It brought home closer to me than I expected and it was such an enlightened feeling knowing that two cultures on both sides of the earth shared similarities. After a long stroll through the divine, resort-like water garden, the entire group settled down for some kopi and rice- coconut patties. It was a chance to have more laughs and pet some cats while drinking the best coffee ever!

Dian’s was the place we ate lunch today and just about everyone ordered the same food item. It was a sandwich with bacon, boiled eggs, lettuce, tomato, chicken, and cucumber. Ice tea was the drink. The perfect meal ended with fruit cocktail for everyone.

The highlight of today was the visit to the Monkey Forest. I have never seen so many monkeys in my life! No matter where you look, there was monkeys eating fruit, climbing on people, eating bugs off of each other, sleeping, or swinging from tree to tree. Just monkeys “monkey-ing” around as usual. It was all fun and games at first, with a few up-close pictures but, once they started reaching for Marie’s water bottle and reaching into Cesar’s backpack, I was terrified. Let me reassure you that it wasn’t a horrifying experience but rather a comical one. Before I knew it, the monkey scratched Marie in the face (she is totally ok, scratch mark free) and Aidan’s sunscreen was taken out of Cesar’s backpack. That was it for Dee and me, when even more monkeys climbed onto Jean. Even though it was a scary experience, it created those memories that will be most remembered and favored. It gives a chance to laugh about it later.

Everyday more and more memories are created and I cannot wait for what’s to come!

Sampai jumpa lagi!

– Toni

(Editor’s note: Just added a bunch of photos to Tonesha’s post from yesterday, and to the Photo Gallery 1. Nikmati! Enjoy!)


4 Comments on “Monkeys and Museums

  1. I like how in your first paragraph, you left me hanging, as I had to find out what was so terrifying about your day! I laughed out loud to read, “That was it for me and Dee” because I know how D is, so I just imagined her freaking out about the monkeys! I’m glad you were able to find connections with your culture and wish all of you the best on your continued adventures!

  2. Monkeys, museums and memories… doesn’t get any better than that! So glad to hear about your adventures. Love seeing the pictures, too 🙂

  3. OMG!! What a thrilling yet hilarious experience! The monkeys were probably just as curious about you students as you were about them! Lol. Such great memories to come home to share with your families. I’m so happy you are all experiencing something new everyday. Continue to capture the moments. Love you all.. take care!!

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