One Week Complete

Exactly one week ago, we arrived to the beautiful town of Ubud exhausted but yet with excitement to explore. We have so far seen a glimpse of the town and its culture, and already have gone through many adventures. This glimpse has made me more excited and eager to go through more adventures than we have already gone through!

Although we have the eagerness to further explore this town, today was a calm and relaxing day, just so we could recharge after the adventurous week we had. This morning was a bright and beautiful morning like any other. I started the day off my juggling a soccer ball with Erik and Jean. After that we ate the delicious breakfast the hotel offers, and we headed off to our classes. In Gamelon class, we learned a new difficult yet amusing melody. After that challenge I headed off to my puppet making class in which we continued making a piece of art that is yet to be discovered.

Right now we are all relaxing in the hotel and preparing for the hidden adventures week two has for us.

– Cesar

3 Comments on “One Week Complete

  1. Love all the photos! Same ol days here in NM, so enjoying your experience from afar!

  2. Wow! It’s already been a week! It seemed like a couple days ago when my tummy ached seeing you young adults fly away from your nesting ground to explore the other parts of the world by yourselves. You all have accomplished a lot. Be proud of yourselves as we are proud of you from home. Good news! We finally got some rain in the Laguna ABQ area. The rain soaked into the land as soon as it hit the ground, so it seemed Iike it didn’t rain at all! Lol. Although, this rain don’t compare to what Bali may get, we are very thankful for what we got. Hope your day of rest went well and you are all ready for the next week of adventure. I can’t wait to hear what’s going to come next.

  3. Thanks Cesar! Sounds like you are having a blast. So thrilled for you all!

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