An adventurous day!

Good morning, friends and family back home.

This morning, I had to get up very early to wake up the rest of the group. Even though I had set five alarms, I somehow managed to sleep through all of them. Almost everyone in the group greeted me with a “Good morning” or “Thank You,” whenever I knocked on their door. However, when I got to Dee’s door I was instantly met with a sleepy yet assertive: “Go Away!!!!”

I then went on my way and began my morning walk through the rice paddies. I took the same route I’ve taken various times before, yet it never fails to amaze me. There is so much life thriving in this place — from the farmers working in the fields to the motorcycles zooming down the busy streets. The thing that I have fallen in love with the most about the morning walks are the sunrises. They’re so beautiful, pictures don’t do it justice. It is definitely comforting seeing the sunrise everyday because one of the things I miss most about Santa Fe is the wonderful sunsets.

Once I got back to the hotel I met up with Cesar and we brushed up on our Indonesian bargaining skills. For breakfast I had a crispy omelette, a mix of fresh fruit, and a delicious banana pancake that last year’s group had talked to us about so much.

After some free time where I played cards with Tonesha, we made our way over to the usual bus stop. There we were met with a really fancy bemo that actually had doors that closed unlike the others! Over the next hour we made our way to Klungkung. Once we got through all the hectic traffic that was a lot more crazy than Santa Fe (yes, some places have worse traffic than Santa Fe) we ended up in a market. Our goal was to purchase three items: a sarong, a santeng (sash for sarong), and an udong (hat for the men).  This is where our bargaining skills from earlier came in handy. Cesar and I teamed up and were able to buy all three items for one hundred thousand rupiah each. I know that sounds like a lot of money but in reality it’s only around seven dollars.

Once our shopping spree was complete we headed to another town named Sideman. We had lunch at a hotel that we’ll be staying at after our homestay. I ate grilled chicken with fries and vegetables, while the rest of the group all got the same club sandwich. As our day of exploring went on, we headed off to Candidasa eating peanuts, bananas and oranges along the way. Once we got there we visited the hotel that we’ll be staying at for the last three days of our trip. Right in our own backyard is a private beach with endless sights of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

I can’t wait to spend more time here, but until then we still have many things to explore, learn, and create.


Tonesha bargaining for sarongs in Klungkung (sorry, blurry!)



The whole crew deciding what new delicious meal to order at beautiful lunch spot (and our future hotel) in Sedeman; view from the lunch table


DSC_1142Beach!!! (at Candidasa)

5 Comments on “An adventurous day!

  1. Thank You Erik, it is so great to hear your adventures and experiences! Glad everyone is doing well and appreciating your world and sunrises, sounds amazing! Banana Pancakes are going to be the reason I travel to Bali someday!!!

  2. I look forward to the blog everyday. Although, I know entries are only made once a day, I continue to check in just hoping I see a new entry or new pictures. Thanks guys for sharing your explorations. I can’t wait for the next entry!! Maybe we’ll get new pictures soon?

  3. I also look forward to reading the blog each day. It really is a great way to feel like I am connected with you all even though you are half-way-around the world! So glad to hear that you are eating well and continuing the fabulous adventure with some retail-therapy-Bali-style! Keep it comin’

  4. It seems like the rhythm of your Bali life follows the sun.. I would really like a recipe for banana pancakes! And Aidan is pulling a face in every photo he knows he’s in… sigh

  5. What a wonderful post! Thanks, Erik! Sorry my daughter yelled at you😂 I guess you guys are really getting to know each other; so now you and everyone else knows that she is NOT a morning person! Good luck with that! Thanks for sharing!

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