A Busy Bali Day

Halo all!! I hope all is well back home. We are all learning and experiencing new things every day.

Our day started with a magical visit to Gunung Kawi Temple. It is a very old temple in which only the king was able to pray. There were so many stairs to climb down to get to the temple (and climb back up to get back to the bus). We all were able to find space to ourselves to experience our own unique perspective on the new surroundings. It was truly a magical experience. We were right by a river that was just wonderful to listen to. The peacefulness of the temple was astonishing.

We then came back to the hotel and met a new friend, Wulan. She is from Bali and just graduated from high school. She was really nice and helped us with a little bit of Indonesian, while we helped her a little bit with her English. Language and travel are both things she loves and that became a really great pathway to getting to know her better. A few of us went on a walk with her to the market, even though most places were closed due to Kuningan (a Balinese holiday). We then went to get gelato from a place on one of the main streets. It was really fun to talk to Wulan and learn about her and what she likes, because there were a lot of commonalities we had with her.

After that adventure, we went to an end of Kuningan temple ceremony in Mas called Odalan, which is the traditional temple ceremony. It was quite different than I expected but was very interesting. The main event we saw was a funny portrayal of fighting between the good and bad-good spirits. It was amusing, to say the least. That’s all for today. We are all exhausted from all of the activity and stair climbing we did today.

Hope all is fine and dandy back in the Fe….


At Ganung Kawi Temple

Dance and Mask Ceremony for Kuningan

3 Comments on “A Busy Bali Day

  1. Glad to hear you’re making more new friends and finding commonalities between you! Hopefully all your buns aren’t too sore from all that stair climbing you did!

  2. Thanks Marie! So great to hear about the ceremonies and the new experiences. A very busy day indeed! xoxoxo

  3. Wow!! It is great that you all get to experience the deep rich culture of the Balinese. Continue to grasp the meanings of the ceremonies as there is usually a reason and purpose for each one. Can’t wait to hear about it when you all get home.

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