Balinese Dancing Begins!

Hi, it’s Aidan again.

Hello everyone!

Today was a class day, but with a twist; dancing. Instead of learning gamelan, we had our first classes with tinklet, an instrument, and traditional Balinese dance. The instrument is composed bamboo half-pipes, suspended on a frame, and is played by (big surprise) whacking it with sticks. I found it hard to learn though, each hand must play independent of the other, at a different beat. However, this was child’s play after the gong. For the first half of the morning class, the boys played the tinklet, while the girls started learning the Welcoming Dance. After about an hour, we switched places and started to learn the Warrior Dance. It was very hard. My spindly frame is not well suited to this type of physical activity, or any at all. The end result was a great deal of pain and suffering.

After the habitual lunch break, we attended the afternoon class, this being shadow puppet crafting for me today. I find that it is one of my favourite classes, because it’s peaceful, meditative, and doesn’t involve a great deal of effort, at least physically. Its difficulty lies in the nuance, and attention to detail required while tapping out the little holes in the leather, the size and shape of those openings. It’s quite nice. I think that about wraps up the day!



Balinese Dance classes ~ first day & looking great!


Tinklet classes with one of our beloved instructors, Sangla

Erik in Shadow Puppet Class with our wonderful master teacher, Anom


3 Comments on “Balinese Dancing Begins!

  1. Aidan, I’m so proud of you for sticking it out! It’s so important for us to get out of our comfort zone, now and again. That’s how we grow! I can’t wait to see all that you each have been working on!

  2. It’s great to see you all learning something new. That’s right, that’s is how one grows, by taking on new challenges and giving it your best effort. You all are learning something new that a majority of us don’t have the opportunity to participate in. So kudos to all of you for your efforts!!

  3. Thanks Aiden! I love hearing all about the dancing and each day’s new adventures. Keep ‘it comin!

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