Week Two: Complete

As the title states, we have completed our second week of this adventure. Just like last week, this week has been full of new events and activities. This events were the inclusion of watching a cremation and also visiting the beautiful temples this place contains.

Today I woke up and took my usual morning walk among the rice paddies alongside with Jean, and Aidan, but later took a return with Erik heading towards a coffee shop. At the shop, the owner showed us the making and roasting of coffee which had its hidden art. After that, we went to our classes, facing the difficult but amusing art of dance. Next, we went to our puppet making class, in which I have a dragon in the making.

After a day of productivity and success, we got back to the hotel and had some free time for ourselves. For dinner, we went to a special restaurant in order to celebrate everyone’s birthday! There we met one of Zenia’s friends which had many interesting stories to tell.

This week was really fun and interesting, can’t wait to see what the remaining weeks hold for us!

– Cesar

Our gorgeous morning walks (Photo credit: Tonesha 🙂


Balinese dancing continues!




3 Comments on “Week Two: Complete

  1. “Mmmm, I can almost smell and taste the fresh roasted coffee”. Maybe you all can share some of the Balinese stories when you come home.

  2. Cesar, thank you for sharing your post! How fun to have a birthday celebration in Bali- a memory never to be forgotten, I’m sure!

  3. Wonderful Cesar! The coffee (and the owner) sound awesome. So glad you are enjoying all of the different sites, sounds and experiences!

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