Still Alive and Enjoying Every Moment!

Hello everybody! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the moments of quiet without your teens. Here in Bali we are all doing well and enjoying every day as they are sadly disappearing.

This morning we followed our daily morning routine by taking an enjoyable walk and coming to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast today we went to one of our newer classes which is dance and tinklet. In dance class us girls are starting to get familiar with the dance moves but we are still unable to actually do the dance without our teacher in front of us doing the dance with is. For the girls, our dance teacher is named Rakka and she is the younger sister of the boys’ dance teacher which is Oka (he also teaches us Gamelon). They are both amazing and fun teachers and dancers. It is amazing to see how beautiful their type of dance is, they dance so elegantly and then us American students come and try to be as cool as them and we look like the Tin Man in Wizard of Oz dancing. After an hour, the boys and girls switch, for example if us girls have dance first the boys will have Tinklet class and then after the hour is up, girls will go to Tinklet and boys will practice their dance. I think girls look better than the boys dancing but I think we’ll have to settle it with a dance battle soon. When we go to Tinklet class we have so much fun and learn a lot. It is so beautiful yet challenging, but the challenging moments don’t matter because we have so much fun!

After our two busy classes in the morning, we went to our regular place for lunch and then our third class. It is so exciting to go to our afternoon class because our puppets and paintings are progressing so much and are all looking really good! We can’t wait until they are finalized and when we can share them with our families!

This evening was very relaxing and new for all of us. The men went to dinner with the men and the ladies went to dinner with the ladies. It was so nice to do something new for dinner. Both groups tried new restaurants and they were both really good. For the amazing, funny, gorgeous and outgoing girls group we went to a restaurant in the middle of the rice paddies and for the basic and sometimes funny guys, they went to a restaurant that was on Kajeng Street. The guys said it was nice and pleasant to do something different. They all really liked the restaurant.

As we are getting anxious and excited to go to homestay on Sunday, we are preparing by doing laundry and making sure we have anything we would need. Also, right when we get back from homestay we perform our gamelon songs and dance. So ahead of us is a very busy and nerve-racking week and weekend, but we will enjoy it when we spend about the last week in a new hotel and at the amazing beach!

Miss you all and hope you all are doing great!


More music making!

Heading out of our hotel, Puri Bebegan, for the day


Walking the streets of Ubud 


Painting class with Gusti… almost finished!

Sweet Orange Warung… where the gals dined


2 Comments on “Still Alive and Enjoying Every Moment!

  1. Hi Dee, good to hear your excitement about learning and your appreciation for the folks, food, art and cultural experiences. Enjoy your moments in Bali! I look forward to seeing and hearing more of all your experiences and accomplishments. Miss you-see you soon, All our best to all of you!-Carolynn Roibal

  2. Eeeee Deanza! How I miss your humor in person! Glad to read your posts, as they literally make me laugh out loud. I hope no one is offended by my child’s sarcastic remarks. Please know they are said all in good fun! Love you, babe! Can’t wait to hear and read more about your upcoming adventures!

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