we got ice cream

In this blog I’m going to explain the day backwards because I’m a little bored and I think it might be cool. About 5 minutes ago we got some ice cream and ate it as we walked back from a pretty good dinner on Kajeng street. We were joined by an awesome Balinese girl named Uchi who is attending college in Denpassar. She is studying to become an English teacher so it was very easy to talk with her, which was a nice change. She explained a little bit about living in Bali from the perspective of a college student which we hadn’t heard much about before. Then halfway through dinner she asked us the dreaded question, “What will you guys do after high school” to which not a single one of us had an answer to. We all cried as we began to think about our futures and the big changes that are coming.

My group had our last painting class today. I had a lot of work to do but with some help I managed to finish inking my entire picture. Balinese-style painting is something that I really enjoyed doing and it’s sad that I probaly won’t do it agin for awhile. I’m also going to miss our teacher Gusti who I’m sure must be a god. Our paintings came out kinda good, I think, and I like the work we did in his class.

We spent our morning at a huge market 35 minutes south of Ubud. We did a little shopping for some stuff to bring back to America. I really enjoyed doing this but it’s not because I like buying stuff. It’s because of the interactions I had and game of bargaining in Indonesian. I am horrible at saying no when someone asks be to buy something so I suck at bargaining. But I was successful twice and I loved feeling my Indonesian get a lot easier.

This morning after a quick walk through the rice patties I headed over to my favorite place in Ubud, Iwan’s coffee shop. Today, when we arrived, he had about five pieces of equipment spread out on a tiny table. He explained to us that to own a coffee shop you only need these five things, which aren’t expensive at all. And then he demonstrated it by making us the most amazing moccachino in the world. Then we all took turns using the new equipment to make ourselves coffee. By the time I left I felt like I should buy those five things and start my own coffee shop. Iwan’s attitude, work ethic, and wisdom make me inspired every day. My only problem with him is that today he said soccer was a stupid game : (

That was my day in Bali today and I hope everyone is well back home. If you didn’t already know, tomorrow we head to a small village for three days so this will probably be the last blog for a while. Also communication there is difficult so if you don’t hear from your kid its not because they hate you. Sampai Jumpa Lagi!!!!


At market in Sukawati


Coffee a la Ewan


With paintings & Gusti

2 Comments on “we got ice cream

  1. Lol…hahaha. I loved your blog Jean. It was created with humor yet had much insight. I’m very thankful the young college Balinese girl popped the question to you young American teens. …. what are you guys gonna do after high school? Something to ponder about while in the quiet and serene environment.

  2. Jean, I like your refreshing “backwards” approach to the day. I too was getting bored, so I felt much better after reading your post! Ha ha….JUST KIDDING!!! Not at all bored, loving every post and every pic! I am happy you enjoyed your interactions with the people you met. Hope you’re all enjoying your home stay! Can’t wait to hear back from you all soon!

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