A Brief Recap (Post-Homestay)

It’s Aidan again. Hello everyone.

So, the homestay. We left in the morning, on monday. We drove for about 2 hours through beautiful scenery, most of which I missed cause I was asleep. I cannot explain why cars make me so sleepy, but they do. The actual village itself runs on one long street, and is occupied by 500 or so people.

Upon arrival, we where greeted by a large group of Balinese youth our own age, and walked for another 40 minutes to the village, talking with them. They belonged to an English club, and spoke better English than many americans I’ve met, myself included. For the majority of the walk, I talked with a boy, who oddly enough was named Mike. We talked a lot about movies. At the village, we met Bu Ari, our teacher from the village. We also drew paper slips to see who we’d be staying with, then proceeded to meet them at Bu Ari’s house.

My own mother was a gruff sort, but very kind, keeping an endless supply of crisps stocked in my room. Later, we ate dinner at Bu Ari’s house. Something to note: the food was delicious, and there was too much of it. After dinner we played Gamelan with the villagers, and ended up embarrassing ourselves. After that, we went home for bed, and I ended up sleeping well, for all three nights. The bed was indoors, and comfy.

The next day, the main activity was working in a rice paddy, and smoothing the dirt there. We also had a mud race, which was fun. We also got to wash down at the river, which was too COLD. After language lessons, we started work on our coconut bowls, and I’m proud to say that after two days I completed my very own bowl. We also had lessons, and got to hang out with the Bali kids more. In the evening, the villagers performed the “flirtation” dance. This involves a woman going around and getting people to dance on the stage beside her. This ended up including old women, babies, even Bu Ari. And our own group of course (Erik got pulled up 3 times, by 3 different dancers).

Something I forgot to mention was watching the sunrise. I got up early to watch twice, and it’s beautiful. Muslim/religious singing echoes around the valley, stark white herons glide and settle among the tops of the trees. THAT was definitely something I will remember for a long, long time. Anywho, the third day was similar in schedule to the second. Activity in the morning, lunch, then afternoons with lessons. Truthfully, there’s too much to type, at least in a timely fashion. What i will say is that the homestay was radically different to the Bali id already experienced, on top of the whole “other country” thing. Something magical.

That’s all i can write, INEEDSLEEP.


More homestay photos!


4 Comments on “A Brief Recap (Post-Homestay)

  1. Thank you Aiden, The homestay will also stay with you as a magical exeperience!!!

  2. What a great recap! Thanks, Aidan! I love that you guys were able to play music with the locals, hang out with teens, and experience the richness of culture on a whole other level. Wonderful!

  3. Just beautiful! Thank you Aidan for sharing such a wonderful experience.

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