Coming to an End

Hello everyone! Hope all is well and intact in America!

We all miss our families so much and hope you all are doing great. Here in Bali, since we’ve gotten back from home stay, its been very relaxing yet kind of sad that our time here in Ubud is coming to an end. Today was a very unique and restful day for us. This morning we of course woke up for morning walks and breakfast. But a unique twist happened after our banana pancakes; we were completely free the whole day. We were given the opportunity to finish spending our money at the market or at the ice cream stand (depending on what kind of child you have), we also had to pack and got to go to lunch by ourselves or in small groups.

Today, Marie, Hank and I left early to the market and finished our shopping. It has been raining so much here for the past 3 days and so today while going to market Marie and I had long sweats and our jackets on so by the time we got to our second store in the market, Marie and I were grossly dripping sweat and about to pass out because of the humidity and the “not that bad” heat. After our time in town, we came back to the hotel. Marie and I should’ve started packing but instead we just wanted to be lazy and watch videos. After being lazy and typical teenagers we took our clean but still wet clothes to a laundry place near by just to get dried because with all the humidity our clothes weren’t getting any dryer. While they were being dried, we went to eat lunch and went to a mini-mart. We then, came back to our hotel and I took some naps and by the time I woke up it was time for dinner.

Dinner tonight was amazing and a great way to end our stay in Ubud. We went to Anom and Nonik’s house. They served us a delicious soup, rice, tofu, pork satay, vegetables, tempeh and peanut crackers and a delicious sticky rice and coconut desert. It was truly a treat to eat all that delicious food but also sad to take final pictures. Our time here in Ubud was such an amazing experience and a place we can call home away from home.

Sadly, tomorrow morning (Saturday) we will leave Ubud and head to a new hotel in Sidemen. Although it will be hard saying more goodbyes, I am very excited to make new memories and experience another part of Bali for a few days. Please forgive me for my blog being a little bit shorter than usual but now I really do have to pack because my pillow rudely pulled me away from packing earlier. Hope you all have a great weekend! Love you all!




Dinner and puppets with Anom and Nonik


2 Comments on “Coming to an End

  1. Hi D, it’s wonderful to hear from you as well as the others in the group! All of you are blessed to have made some wonderful and giving friends. More great experiences await you-enjoy! Miss you-see you soon. Love you! Carolynn

  2. Nice post, D! I’m glad you guys were able to spend your last dinner with cherished Balinese friends. Take care! See you all soon!

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