The Top of the Hill Has Been Reached

Today was a really busy and exciting day as any other but this time it was a little extra. I started off the day by going to the coffee shop and then returning to eat my banana pancake breakfast. After that we all headed off to give our performance.

The performance was really nerve-wrecking yet really amazing. The performance consisted of three different scenes which were the Gamelon, tinklet, and the dances. The guys and I had to wear makeup and we were low-key embarrassed, but what happens in Bali stays in Bali! The overall of the performance was great, especially because our audience consisted of the local students from the village where we stayed during our homestay.

After the performance, we all ate together as a family. We also spent time together because the rain had trapped us luckily. The students gave us presents and made us feel very special. This is what I love from the Balinese people, as they accepted us beside being different in certain aspects. They welcomed us to become part of their family. They made us feel at home. I will always will be grateful for having the opportunity for meeting these amazing people! They will always have a place in my heart.


Getting ready 

Ready to dance

Our friends from the village who came to support us


After the Performance

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