Arrival in Sideman

I woke up this morning feeling pretty bummed out that today is our last morning in Ubud. I had one final banana pancake and headed down to the harmonious coffee shop for one last coffee. We took pictures with all the employees of the shop and said our goodbyes. I’m so grateful that I had the chance to meet Iwan. Not only did I learn about Indonesian coffee. Every morning there was a new life lesson to be learned. I have a whole page in my journal filled with quotes from this wise man. I will never forget him and how he kept trying to convince me that football (soccer) is a stupid sport.

Back at the hotel I finished packing up. I gave some final gifts to Koman (one of the hotel staff) and Sophie (the daughter of the hotel manager, Wayan). Their faces, when they received their gifs, were priceless and it made me feel warm inside. I started to tear up when my new friends at the hotel called me “bro” as I got on the bus. We hit up our usual lunch spot that we went to in between classes. For my last meal in Ubud of course I had to get a chicken pizza and French fries, that I later drowned in Tabasco sauce and instantly devoured.

We started our drive to our new home in Sidemen, or as Jean likes to call it “Spider-Man”. I have become familiar with the streets of Ubud and as we were driving out of town I recognized many places, such as where we had our classes or many restaurants and stores I had gone in to. It was at this point that all those feelings of melancholy hit me. It’s shocking to see how close I got to this village in the span of a few weeks.

The drive up to Sideman was the most beautiful thing ever. It was nice to listen to some chill music and enjoy endless views of nature in all directions. Our hotel is probably the nicest place I’ve ever stayed at. After looking at everyone’s room I have to say the boys lucked out on this one. Our room is a cute little two story house. Jean and Aidan share the bottom floor while Cesar and I stay upstairs. We have a spacious balcony that looks over an expansive landscape of hundreds of trees and shades of green. It was going to be hard to get me down from up here while most people were down to the pool. I decided to stay in my room and write in my journal.

Last night, it was raining all night long. Before bed I decide to take a shower it was soothing and meditating as an amalgamation of hot water from the shower and cold rain water fell upon me. I went to bed to the sounds of rain pouring down onto our roof and had the most amazing sleep of my whole life. Definitely a big change from the motorcycles back in Ubud. I can’t wait to relax and reflect over the next few days.


Last games & Goodbyes…


Our new home in Sideman…

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