Discovering, Resting & Recovering

I had really good slow paced day in Sidemen. I woke up this morning around five o’clock in order to catch the sunrise from my balcony and I’m very happy I did. Our hotel is positioned perfectly across from a vibrant green mountain range. The mountains, The jungle, the misty clouds in the valley, and the glowing sunrise all combined together to create the greatest view that anyone has ever seen. The best way I can describe the view is to compare it to what it must be like to see Beyonce in real life. It definitely is something out of this world.

We had a chilled day here in Spiderman (Sideman). We did get a chance to visit a Balinese weaving factory which was for sure eye opening. These women work 6 days a week in a dusty, dim lit shop. They do the same tedious motions to make sarongs, which will only make them a few bucks a day. Walking around the factory, I realized that some of these girls were my age or younger. These made me very grateful for the freedoms and opportunities that we have in America. It also made me very sad to remember that people all over the world still have these work conditions. And people work these jobs all their life because they have no choice. I definitely learned a lot from this.

The rest of our day we spent resting and recovering. Many of us are dealing with colds and one of us has a disgusting toe infection. Down time was definitely needed. At dinner we got to meet another awesome Balinese girl who was 16. She was super cool and we’re going to go dance at her school tomorrow, so I need some sleep. Goodnight Family!


(P.S. I’ve just added a bunch more photos to “The Top of the Hill Has Been Reached” and “Arrival in Sideman”!)

Walking in the rain to the Sideman Weaving factory


At the factory


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