Another New Home Away from Home

We started our day off in Sideman and ended our day in Candidasa. At our hotel, breakfast was served at our normal time, which is usually eight o’clock. After we all finished, we proceeded to our rooms to finish any last minute packing. Most of us had a little free time to ourselves after we finished packing so…some slept, some wrote, and some read.

Around twelve o’clock, we met up again, one last time to eat lunch at our hotel. I had one last grilled chicken dish that reminds me of something that my brother would love to eat. After finishing up our meals, we headed off to get our luggage. We took them to the front where we met our cars to take us to the beach that awaited us.

The drive over to our next destination can only be described as thrilling and eye-catching. There was just so much to see…as we drove down the windy-steep mountain, I sat back and watched the way the trees looked in certain areas. I saw the many different types of rice paddies; it is so green and beautiful here. Of course, I also looked at the people around me. It’s interesting, how much you can notice about the way of people’s life by just looking. One particular moment in the drive over that I found kind of funny, yet scary at the same time was when the driver was attempting to pass a big truck in front of us. We were on the opposite side of the road for a minute, at a curve a motorcycle came out of nowhere and was coming straight ahead and so the driver had to accelerate the speed just a little so that way we were on the right side again. Do not worry parents, no one got hurt…just thought it would be nice to give you some insight on the driving system here.

Now, that we have reached our destination. We got our rooms and after barely settling in at all, we headed out to the beach to go explore. The water here is so beautiful, the colours and the sound of the waves are so calming. Not to mention, the temperature is absolutely perfect. I stayed out at the beach all the way until dinnertime just because I found it so alluring. It is impossible for me to leave it because you never know what you might miss.

Today we had dinner at our new hotel around a big table all together which was a nice change. The food was amazing as usual; some of us couldn’t stop getting more and more bowls of rice. For desert, we had big pieces of watermelon, snake fruit, and biscuits.

It is now dark out and we are all out on the beach again. For me being out here at night was beyond beautiful. I watched and listened to everything around me. The night was lit up by the most amazing full moon that I have ever seen. Since it was a full moon night the waves were even more alluring and the sound is just indescribable. I can’t really say too much about this though because most of everything I did see and felt, I feel like was just for me.

I hope your night comes with a full moon as well and we will see you soon.

– Tonesha

Our new home

Afternoon in the sun

One Comment on “Another New Home Away from Home

  1. What a lovely description of your new destination. Makes me wish more that I could be there with my daughter to spend some memorable times with her. While it can only be in my dreams, you guys are so lucky to experience such beauty and tranquility. Grasp the spirit and nature of your surroundings….don’t let go. See you all soon!

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