A Pleasant Day at the Beach

As you all know, we made it to the beach! After a long month, I am finding this to be the best time to relax and reflect but also to swim and go snorkelling of course! So let me tell you how today went.

This morning started with a good breakfast. Most of us had tea or coffee and eggs with toast. Can’t forget the fresh fruit either! As all 12 of us sat around the table, we talked about many things: from airplane and airport experiences to what we were going to do that day.

Now it was time for swim and relaxation! Most of us went to the beach and started to swim. It was high tide so the ocean was going a little crazy. Then Gaylon broke out the snorkelling gear. Now all you could see were our feet sticking out of the water because we were all looking at the sea bed. This was my first time snorkelling in a while so it was a great experience.

It was now time for lunch and as usual, it was very good. After lunch, almost all of us sat on the beach and either read or wrote in our own personal journals. After a hour and a half went by, we were either asleep, swimming or playing soccer. This lasted till about 5:15 p.m. Then as a group, we walked to the top of the cliff not far from where we were staying. It was about a 10 minute walk going uphill. It was such an amazing view of the Indian ocean. The ocean was a nice deep turquoise color and you could just see the sun rays coming from behind the clouds with a nice ocean breeze on your face.

Then it was time for a filling dinner! After we finished eating, we walked down to the beach and we sat in a circle and began sharing our gratitude. Many nice things were said and some tears were shed but like Hank said, “Don’t let the important things be unsaid” and we did just that. See you all very soon!


Afternoon in the water and on the sand

Sunset at a temple shrine, looking over the Indian Ocean

2 Comments on “A Pleasant Day at the Beach

  1. What a perfect time to reflect on your full month experience and within a perfect paradise. I love the pics. I’m sure you all have learned an enormous amount of knowledge.
    Can’t wait to see you all soon!!!

  2. Hi all, we’ve been enjoying reading your posts and seeing your pix this past month!, glad you’ve had such memorable experiences…
    Safe journeys back.

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