Beach reflections

As I was one of the first to write on of these blogs, it is oddly fitting that I should be (with luck) the last. I write this the day after, and thus several events have occurred that I would not have known about yesterday.

I’m sure that other people have described the beauty of the beach, and done it justice. I will say, however, that I think this was my favourite place, in terms of scenery and nature. I love the sea, and I’ll miss it terribly. I’ve been enjoying doing the touristy beach activities, like scrounging around for shells, catching crabs and swimming in the lovely warm Indian Ocean. I also tried snorkelling for the first time, which was enormously entertaining, even though my eyesight permitted a limited view. So much life, just within fifteen feet of the shore. In one instance, I ended up popping a squat over a sea snake, oblivious to the predator between my legs. We’ve also been getting our fix of morning walk-esque activities. The previous couple of days, we’ve been hiking too a small temple perched on the edge of a cliff, the sides dropping off steeply, into the sea, which gnaws at the shore with even greater voracious need. The full moon drastically increased the tides ebb and flow, seemingly flinging the waves at the shore.

As the trip draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on this past month. I have great difficulty describing how I feel, much less trying to encapsulate all the changes to myself. I don’t think I can, in the setting of a blog. What I will say is I leave feeling loose, and a longing to stay, but I do not leave carrying regrets. When I applied to this program, so long ago, I was seeking change. That meant anything to me then, I didn’t care what. I found it: my adventure. Now, I carry these experiences, relationships, and memories with me. Onwards, to wherever my path leads.

(PS: This may not actually be the last blog, as many of you know there was some volcanic activity that may effect our departure.)


Sunrise from the clifftop, and more monkeys!


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