Adventure time!

Our morning started with the roosters and during the walk we saw our first glimpse of Batukaru, a distant volcano, as it was outlined by the orange rays of sunlight. After our walk we rushed to hang up our freshly hand-washed laundry in the sun in the hopes of getting it dry before a rain.  We enjoyed our usual breakfast of hot tea, fresh juice, banana pancakes and eggs of our choice.  We got in the van and road for 45 minutes to Klungkung’s market. We had our first opportunity to bargain for our sarongs and sashes. Liam was on the hunt for ‘the one’, the perfect sarong. Others had fun looking at the colors and bargaining.  The prices started at 100,000 but we could bargain them down to 55,000 rupiah.

After success with buying sarongs, we enjoyed a beautiful ride through the mountains to Sideman where we had lunch. Then we headed to Candi Dasa to spend an hour or so on the beach and swimming in the ocean where we saw hermit crabs and a baby sea turtle.  Another ride in the van back to our hotel to clean up and shower for a buffet dinner. The dinner was delicious and satisfied our craving for spicy food.

We had another great day even though the clothes did not dry.

Teya Ruben


Hello everyone, 

Today we did our usual morning run, fueled on by the thought of the delicious breakfast ahead. The sunlight streamed through the leaves of the palm trees, its warm light slightly yellow. Carving our way through the rice paddies, and then onto the city streets further deepened our apprciation for Bali. It’s rich, vibrant colors and its cacophony of new sounds, intrigues the imagination and creates a desire for the exploration of the land. Our first class of the day was Gamelon, and keeping with the theme of exploration, some of us tried new instruments. Gamelon is a difficult form of music as so much is going on at once, but despite this it is deeply rewarding. As we left, Gaylon explained that the music originated from the sounds of Bali’s nightlife and the intricate rhythms and melodies that the various animals make. After our lunch we went to either painting or shadow puppet making, doing the one we did not do yesterday. I went to the painting class. We learned about the history of painting in Bali and were shown examples of the style we are going to paint in- Ubud Traditional. The painting class was deeply meditative and throughly calming. 

Every day is filled with new explorations and new experiences and the only word I can use to describe this experience is Bagus (the Indonesian word for great). 

Much love 

– Liam Kuziel 

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First day of class 

Hello all, 

Today we were able to start such wonderful different kinds of art in the balianese culture. Today we had our first classes in Gamelon a traditional instrument, painting and shadow puppet making. It was such an honor to be able to learn these talents with awesome teachers, and we can’t wait to continue learning these beautiful arts. 

-Jordan Quintana 

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Morning Walks and Massages

It’s been a good time here in Bali so far, everyday continues to amaze and impress us. There is so much to the culture and there is always something new to learn. Friendships grow stronger and our love for Bali continues to rise.
Today we had our first morning walk through the rice paddies, it was difficult getting up, but the sunrise and the landscape were worth it. It is beautiful what you can find in the morning here in Bali and there is much more to explore in the days ahead! We also had our massages today which felt really good, especially after sleeping on the ground in Singapore for the night. My back is finally feeling better! Another wonderful day has gone by, but we are excited for tomorrow since we will be beginning our classes. We will let you know how that goes!
Best wishes,

First Day in Bali !

Hi Moms and Dads 

Today we left the airport in Singapore at 8:20 am to head off onto our new adventure to Bali. We touched down in Bali at 12:45,  and from there went into an amazing airport where many of us were taking in the beauty of the architecture and the cultural excitement of Bali. Then we met our drivers who took us on an amazing drive through Bali where we got to see how beautifully this country is decorated. While seeing the city, we also got to see a ceremony taking place as they walked through the streets with many people dressed in their best. We got to our hotel and saw our rooms, which are more like little houses. When we got settled in, many of us went out to the pool to have some fun and relax. After that, we went to dinner at a restaurant called TutMak that had wonderful food. We took a walk around Ubud and returned back to the hotel and met up with an old friend of the Bali Art Project, Nonick, who had wonderful sweets for us to taste. Today was an exciting first day in Bali! (but we’re tired) We will talk to you next time moms and dads.

Best wishes 


Arrived in Singapore

After a quick stop in Tokyo, many movies, and a lot of great food, we are in Singapore!


Good morning from LA

May 29,

We are getting on the plane to Japan! It is very fancy and big. We had a good, early breakfast this morning at the hotel. We are celebrating a birthday today! Mine!!!!


First day of travel! 

Our journey to Bali began today! We spent months preparing for the day that seemed years away however we were ready! Our goodbyes were bitter sweet, family’s hugged, cried and gave words of encouragement. Behind we left parents filled with worry, but rest assured we made it to the hotel. We experienced the traffic filled thrill of the LA roads and are now preparing for bed! Our first day of travel was a mixture of emotions however the company we keep has helped put us at ease. Thank you to our parents for pushing and supporting us, sleep easy knowing that we are safe and happy. We love and appreciate you all! 

-Anna Martinez 

The Bali Experience

It’s not just Bali where you can have the Bali Experience.’  This was at Iconik Coffeeshop today and we think it’s a great omen for our up coming trip.

I think our ‘tasting notes’ will be a delicious blend of friendship, adventure and cultural experiences.