On Friday, May 10, as soon as we got out of school, we headed to Zenia & Gaylon’s house for our overnight stay. As we arrived, we feasted on some snacks and waited for the others to arrive. We went over the trips flight schedule, as well as some things to expect during our trip.

After a bit of talking, we separately looked at some Balinese/Indonesian related books and came together for our weekly Bahasa Indonesia class (Indonesian Language). During our class, we went over market terminology to aid us during our stay. Within this class, we became familiar with numbers, and bargaining. Todays class was mostly to help us refresh our minds and become more familiar with terms to help us communicate and shop.

Dinner! Tonights dinner included an assortment of various pizzas (2). We enjoyed this meal with a glass of nice, cold apple juice from Trader Joe’s. Once finished, we gathered around the television to watch a video from the 2011 Bali trip. In this video, we were able to see what the Balinese culture has in store for us. The video included a traditional warrior dance, a welcoming dance, and not to forget, a musical performance as well.

Ice cream! With a mix of vanilla and mint chocolate chip, we gathered around the bar to enjoy a delightful dairy product. With the ice cream out of the way, we came together to play a game called “Break The Ice”, a game meant to teach us more about each other. We learned about Gaylon’s time travel ideas, which decade we’d each want to travel back to (mostly the 70’s), and we talked about which candy bar most correlates with our personalities.

With dinner, ice cream, and games out of the way, we readied ourselves for bed. However, it was not until much talking with our newly made friends, that we finally chose to go to sleep. A wonderful way to end a wonderful day, as well as another day closer to our departure!


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