By: Victoria Alarcon

In a new world, we started the day off with our usual morning walks. We feel like we are getting used to waking up around 6 to catch the beautiful weather early in the morning. The breakfast continues to taste delicious, while my favorite meal is still the sweet banana pancakes as well as a savory omelette. Lastly, a fresh mixed juice and teh (tea).

We all gathered around the table to discus our feelings and about our stay. Not long after we went to the rooms to grab our sarongs because we had been invited to a traditional ceremony after our music class. We walked to the bus stop and waited patiently through traffic.

Once we arrived to our music class, we quickly began and picked the instruments that captured our attention. Playing them felt like we were there for hours; and I can say for all of us, we still have the melody in our heads :D. After gamelan class we drove to Zenia’s and Gaylon’s favorite barbecue stop which was only a couple minutes away. When finished, we visited Nonik’s house to get ready for the ceremony.

Arriving at the ceremony we saw Anom give an offering with music and his puppet making. As well as traditional story telling masked men. It was incredibly fascinating to see so many people at the ceremony.

We finished the day off with dinner at the Savannah Moon Restaurant. And William was kind enough to take us for an amazing gelato, that we were deeply craving since the beginning of the trip. Today was a long day but it was very productive. I can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring.

Night, Night Bali.

Gamelan/ Music class

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