Puppets and painting

By Franki Maestas-Chavez

I was assistant of the day today, I wake everyone up at 6:15 a.m. My alarm went off and I had no problem getting up, however once I was done waking everyone up, I went straight back to bed and didn’t wake up till 7:40. Oops.

We had our usual breakfast and after we gathered the things we needed for the day and then we headed off to Gamelan class to improve our skills on the instruments.

After class we headed to lunch, a new restaurant, Mangga Madu was the name of the restaurant. The group was split into two groups and one group went to painting and another went to puppet making. I went to puppet making. We learned the history of the puppets and we were taught how to make them.

With a long day we had, we walked to the rice patties for some dinner. ‘‘Twas a day filled with learning new things.

2 Comments on “Puppets and painting

  1. Hey Franki!
    I am Valerie Calabaza, an alumni of SFIS and also a student who traveled to Bali with Gaylon and Zenia summer of 2014. I am happy to see that you have been able to travel to Bali with Gaylon and Zenia (who are expert travelers). I encourage you to keep trying new things that you would have never thought you would try. It is worth looking back on it, and being able to build that connection with the Balinese people. The first week was also very difficult for me as I wished to be home to participate in ceremonies. Remember home will always be there and this experience is once in a lifetime:) We are always praying you are all well and happy while you are away. I encourage to immerse yourself within the Balinese culture as it is similar to our Pueblo ways. Feel free to reach out to me for anything! 🙂

    Selmat Tinggal


    • Thank you so much, I appreciate everything you’ve said! Means a lot to me!

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