One Week!

By: Gabriel Alarcon Macias

Today we all woke up to a beautiful blue sky and a slight breeze. We separately took our daily walks and runs and came together for breakfast at 8 o’clock. We had our delicious meals as well as our sweet tea and coffee. We took some time to gather our things before we left for our classes for the day. One more day in Bali had begun!

We walked up to the bus stop where we waited for a few minutes and talked about some movies we enjoyed before coming to Bali. The bus finally arrived and we were on our way to our first class, Gamalan(Music). When we arrived, our four teachers welcomed us to the performance center and we quickly began playing. Once we got the hang of our instruments we have played for two days now, we decided to change instruments. Everyone seemed to quickly learn their new parts and it sounded beautiful.

After a while of playing, we headed towards lunch and went back to the restaurant we had the previous day. As we finished our meals, we got back in the bus to go to our afternoon classes. My group switched from puppet making yesterday, to painting today. Our experience painting was truly relaxing. We first sketched our pieces onto the canvas which took up the class due to the detail. Once finished for the day, on our way back to our hotel we got caught up in traffic due to a street ceremony and we then decided to walk home and watch. It was really amazing how much people were watching everywhere!

When we got the the hotel we hangout and talked with each other for awhile. Some of us played some badminton while others rested. We then went out for dinner later that afternoon. Our meals were particularly delicious tonight. I write this from the lobby area and everyone is mostly asleep. What a wonderful day today in Bali! We’ll see what tomorrow has in store for us!

Ps: Today we celebrate one week in this beautiful country! Cheers👏🏼

One Comment on “One Week!

  1. Me encanta verte felice y amigables con toda la gente . Una caracteristica muy tuya.😘

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