Rainy Day in Bali

By: Kiera Mermejo-Varga

Due to weather conditions we had to make a change of plans to our schedule. Like everyday, we had a very delicious breakfast and talked to each other about our time in Bali. Then, after breakfast we all took a little time to rest for the day ahead.

In the morning, we went to the Art Museum, Arma. The museum was quite big so we all split up and took in all the beautiful art, gardens, sculptures, bridges, etc. I went in the contemporary and tradition/culture museum. It gave me the opportunity to look at different art pieces and see all the representation art has within the Balinese culture. Then, some of the group was shown photos of the visit Barack Obama took to Bali with his family.

After our time in the museum, we went to lunch at the Dian restaurant. Where we enjoyed sandwiches, mie goreng, kabobs and charcoal burgers. Once lunch was finished, the group went to Shadow Puppet class where we kept working on our shadow puppets. Everyone made a lot of progress on them.

When we got to the hotel after class, everyone relaxed and waited for dinner time. Once again, we ate at the Savannah Moon for dinner and came back to the hotel for a good night sleep. Another day in Bali has ended, and we are all excited for the trip ahead.

One Comment on “Rainy Day in Bali

  1. I love reading about all the activities and fun experiences!

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