The Pouring Skies

By Lauren Maestas-Chavez

With an early rise, we are greeted by the sound of rain hitting the ground. Eating breakfast was pleasant as always. As we finished up, we readied for the day by equipping a raincoat from Zenia and Gaylon. With raincoats over us, we headed to our gamelan class.

With a successful gamelan class completed, we ate lunch at a local restaurant. Afterwards, we separated into our groups with the making class left in the middle of traffic, and the painting class walking their merrily way to the nearby classroom. The puppet making class found themselves waiting in traffic for over an hour, while the painting class were able to make progress on their work.

Once painting class was over, we returned to our home stay where we waited until 6:30 to leave to the performance. The puppet making class, because they were caught up in traffic so long, met us at the Balerung Stage.

The performance by the famous dancers and musicians of Peliatan, Tirtasari, was soon going to begin. The instrumental portion, known as Sekar Gendut, was the opening section. The second portion was the Puspa Mekar. This dance is offered to the audience as a welcoming and a blessing. The third portion was the Legong Lasem. This dance tells a story of a lady of the court, a prince, and a princess, and the conflicts between them, love, and higher power. The fourth portion was the Kebyar Terompong. A dance and musical performance that includes the instrument known as Terompong. The fifth portion was the Legong Jobog. A dance that tells the story of two brothers, kings Bali and Sugriwa, who were turned into monkeys by chasing the powerful magic brought by Princess Dewi Anjani. After being turned into monkeys, they did not recognize each other so they begin fighting. After neither of them win, they become tired and recognize each other as Bali and Sugriwa, notice they’ve been changed into monkeys, and then become very sad. The sixth and final portion of the performance was the Barong Taru Pramana. I would suggest that you look this last performance up for a greater explanation.

With the wonderful performance over, we returned to the hotel, where after a long and tiring day, everyone divided into their rooms to get some rest. Selamat Malam!!

2 Comments on “The Pouring Skies

  1. So awesome. I’m very happy the students (and the adults!) are having this experience.

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