Where are Zenia and Gaylon?

By Savannah Palmer

As the person of the day, it was my duty to wake everyone up at 6:15 am. Today I forgot I was the person of the day, and I did not wake anyone up until much later. Everyone was up a little later than usual. We had our daily banana pancakes, eggs, and fresh fruit. The tea and coffee were tasty as always.

We gathered in the common room to talk about last nights amazing performance. We were all impressed with the dancing and music. During this talk, we were also informed that Gaylon and Zenia would not be joining us for our daily activities. Our three chaperones, William, Sage, and Zoë, were to be in charge.

We left the hotel at 9:30 to go to our last Gamalan class. Music class was a little bittersweet. Our teachers seemed proud of our progress and we all made sure to show our appreciation for their help. Once Gamalan was finished, we headed to our daily lunch spot Mangga Madu and had delicious meals. As we were waiting to depart the restaurant, a butterfly landed on the table between Gabe and I. We watched it for a while before it flew onto Gabe’s wrist. It was awesome! We named him Bill.

With lunch finished, we went to our art classes. My group went to painting class. We finished our drawings, and began going over the pencil with ink. The ink process is very different than in the United States. We had hand carved pens made from wood, and we had to continuously dip the pen in the ink. It was an interesting experience, but it made me appreciate the traditional Balinese art more.

After art classes, we headed back to the hotel, where we were reunited with Zenia and Gaylon. Once we were there, the kids went out on the town. Some played soccer and some went shopping. Afterward, we each enjoyed a nice drink. I had a Thai tea (it was tasty).

Around 6:40 we headed back to the hotel. The group decided that we would go to a new restaurant instead of Savannah Moon. The new restaurant had good “glass” noodles (transparent noodles). Gaylon and Zenia took us out for an ice cream bar once we were done eating.

At the hotel, we ordered our breakfast for the next morning. We then played with the kids from the hotel for a little bit and hung out a bit after before we all called for lights out.

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