Mie goreng, chicken, fruit oh my!

By Victoria Alarcon

The day started off with morning walks and breakfast in the common room. We gathered our sarongs and our sweaters because we were told we would be going to temples and it will be a little colder than here in Ubud. We got a luxury ride that had air conditioning because we were gonna be on the bus for a long time. We were also told that we were gonna eat with a beautiful view of Mt Agung and Mt Batur.

On our way to the temples we were able to see amazing stacked rice patties and so much vegetation. I had never seen so much green in my life, there were trees above us and to the right and left of us. We finally arrived to the first temple called pura gunung kawi sebatu, it was very peaceful and I enjoyed watching many fish trying to eat some food above the surface.

Our second stop was a small fruit shop where we bought many new fruits like snake skin and tiny bananas. Before we left, Savannah was being badgered for the first time and we knew it was gonna happen sometime because Gaylon and Zenia warned us. After our delicious snack, we headed toward our second temple which was called bangli batur selatan. It was extraordinary, we were able to see tall Meru towers, and a small ceremony with people from all over Bali.

After the two temples we ate at a buffet with mie goreng, chicken, and fruit it was a great variety of Indonesian food. At this place we saw an incredible view of mt. Agung, mt. Batur and Danau Batur which was a small lake in the middle of both volcanoes. We took many selfies with the view and I can definitely say that I was sad to go.

The last location of the day was Pura Kehen temple with tall structures called candi bentar. Every structures that I have seen of these had very detailed works of art along the walls. Soon after we drove back to town and walked down the road to eat at another buffet.

Every single day here I am extremely thankful for this opportunity. Good night Santa Fe and Happy Father’s Day. Love you papá.

4 Comments on “Mie goreng, chicken, fruit oh my!

  1. Beautifully written Victoria!,
    and thank you all for sharing your daily diaries and pictures with we blog readers. You are inspirations.
    Susan and Rob

  2. Me gusta ver su dia a dia. Asi conozco un poco de lo que hacen y la cultura de ese pais.

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