New week, new adventures!

By: Franki Maestas-Chavez

Hello, I’m person of the day again, just doing the usual. Waking everyone up at 6:15, then everyone does their own thing then breakfast around 8. The breakfast is always good especially the banana pancakes that I can’t get enough of!

We started off the day with dance class, the girls stayed together to learn the welcome dance and the boys learned a new instrument called “rindik’ the dance moves seemed easy yet it was shockingly difficult. As went went through all the moves 3 times it was time to switch with the boys so they could learn their warrior dance. The new instrument is like a xylophone but made of bamboo. The melody was difficult to learn but as soon as we got the hang of it our teachers had us use both hands which was even more difficult. It seemed as if our hands wouldn’t cooperate with us. Overall it was really fun!

For lunch we went to our usual spot then separated into our groups, painting class and puppet making class. We started painting our puppets, we started off with the base coat then began painting with the color that we chose.

As we got home, we hung out for awhile then ate some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before we headed off to see the Junjungan Village perform the “Kecak Dance.” During this, the performers are chanting “cak-cak-cak” which portrays the chanting of monkeys, thats where it gets its name. It also fills the role of the orchestra, simulating the staccato rhythms of the gamelan. It really was a sight to see! The dancers were beautiful. It was also a great way to end the day as we all enjoyed the performance.

One Comment on “New week, new adventures!

  1. Dear Franki (and everyone):

    Thanks for sharing your stories every day!

    They are awesome!!


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