Back To Our Daily Routine

By Gabriel Alarcon Macias

Today was my designated day and I woke up really early to wake everybody. Luckily, some of them were already up on their morning walks and runs ready to begin the day. As breakfast came by, we all enjoyed our daily meals. We had a quick morning meeting and were running a bit late but we managed to get to the bus stop on time.

On our way to our morning class, we enjoyed the daily views of downtown Ubud from outside our windows. We see beautiful things such as decorations outside of temples, people gathered on the steps of local businesses having conversations, and the green scenery. Then we arrive to our new classes, dance and rindik(Music).

Our classes go smoothly as usual and after a few hours, we are ready for lunch. As we all enjoyed our meals at Manga Madu, we talk about our favorite movies of all time, games we play on our phones, and current relationships.

When finished, we head out to our afternoon classes. Some of us enjoy our time while painting the first couple layers of paint in puppet class, while others finish inking and shading our pieces in painting. When class was over, 4 of us enjoyed and sang along to some American pop music from a technology store while we waited for the bus to arrive. As we arrived to our hotel, we enjoyed some time to relax and rest.

Our day ended with a delicious meal at Sweet Orange up in the rice patties. Our walk there was quite relaxing; we enjoyed a short time in the dark rice fields, and we had nice conversations. The dinner was particularly exquisite tonight I’d have to say. After we finished and talked for a bit, a small kitten appeared and was the center of attention for the night. A great way to finish the night with great people. Thank you Bali for another day. 🎑

One Comment on “Back To Our Daily Routine

  1. Estoy contenta de que cada dia aprendan algo nuevo. Y que disfruten lo que hacen.

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