Busy Day in Bali

By: Kiera Mermejo-Varga

We started our daily morning routines at 6 am and continued to embrace what’s in our backyard. It was time for breakfast and we all enjoyed our banana pancakes and eggs.

The group continued dance class and the new instrument we have learned Rindik. We all became more familiar and comfortable with both the dance and the instrument. After class, we went to a barbecue restaurant and ate delicious teriyaki chicken and fish. We all left lunch feeling full and satisfied with our meal.

After lunch, the group went to the market and used our bargaining skills to shop. We all bought gifts for our family back home. When we finished shopping, we headed to Anam’s ( our shadow puppet teacher) household and witnessed a temple ceremony and listened to Gamelan (music). Then, we headed another temple ceremony that Gusti (our painting teacher) invited us to. There we looked at all the beautiful traditional Balinese regalia and watched a variety of dances. 

Our busy day has come to an end and everyone is ready to go to bed. Some went to the Savannah Moon for a little dinner before bed. It was a long and busy day, but everybody got through it and we are looking forward to the adventure ahead. 

One Comment on “Busy Day in Bali

  1. I’m enjoying reading all of your reports as well as seeing the photos. I hope you are all having a great, memorable experience!
    Mr. Van Buren

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